Interactive Norn
Created by FeralChicken
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Meet Annie, the interactive C1 Norn...

Sorry, but unless your browser supports Plug-Ins you can't play this. Hatching from the egg is a little female Norn, named Annie. She needs to be treated with lots of love and care. She loves to be tickled (just click on her and listen to her giggle). You can also feed her or let her play with the ball, by clicking on the carrot or the ball. I hope the both of you have fun! :)

To play with Annie, you need Macromedia's Flash viewer.

Download the viewer from here if you haven't yet!

Short FAQ:

"The game doesn't load or start up." - Are you sure you have the latest Flash viewer? (You can download it from the link above.) Your browser must also support plug-ins. The file may be taking a while to load as it is quite large - if so, please just be patient!

"Are you ever going to update Annie?!" - No, unfortunately I do not have the time or any more free trials of Flash 3. A C2 version is currently in progress, but I don't know when that will be finished.

These pages and graphics (excluding the original CyberLife sprites) are all copyright 2000 Sam (FeralChicken) Williams.
None of these files may be reproduced in any way without my permission first.