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The Creatures Directory is one of the largest lists of Creatures sites on the web. It was created to aid Creatures fans in their search for sites.
The sites are listed alphabetically below - the word "THE" is ignored, eg "The Creatures Corral" will be listed as "Creatures Corral, The".

An 'X' indicates which sites have Norns/COBs/Agents to download. C1/C2/C3/CA indicates which sites cater for Creatures 1, Creatures 2, Creatures 3/Docking Station and or Creatures Adventures. Also, for sites that are a little 'special', a * is placed next to the title. To submit a link and find more Directory info, click here.


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Sites M - Z


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
1-2-3 Who Do I See? X X C2


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
A Norn Factory X   C1
A World Of Our Own X   C1/C2/C3
Abnornal X X C1/C2/C3

* ALB-Labs *

   X    X C1/C2
Albanian Shop X X C1
* Albia2000 * X X C1/C2/C3/CA
Albia City X   C2/C3
* Albia: Home of the Norn * X X C2
Albia's Magic X X C2/C3
Albian Ecology X X C2
* Albian Gardens * X X C1/C2
Albian WebNest, The X X C2
* Alex's Creatures * X X C1/C2/C3
Alexandra's Creature Den     C1
All My Norns    X    X C1/C2
* Allana and Amanda's Creature Adoption Page! *    X   C1/C2/C3
* Amanora's Creatures  *(German)    X    X C1/C2/C3
* Amber Dawn, The *    X    X C1/C2/C3/CA
Ancient Albia    X    X C2
Andy's D-Bomb Page    X    X C2
Annette's Creatures2 Pages    X    X C2
Another Creatures Webpage    X    X C1/C2
Araidia's Creatures2 Page    X   C2
Artificial Death       N/A
* Astronornia *    X    X C1/C2/C3


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
* Bastian Schiebener's Creatures-Web *    X    X C1/C2/C3
* Bea´s Heaven of Norns *    X    X C1
* Bibble! *    X    X C1/C2/C3
* Bibble`s Creatures Worlds *    X    X C1/C2/C3
Blhaze's Creatures 2 Resource    X   C2
Blue Creatures    X    X C2/C3
Borg on Albia       C3
* BRF’s Creatures Page *    X    X C1/C2
Bria's Creatures    X    X C1
Brian’s Ettin Site    X    X C2
Bubcas, Gibberish and Wacky Norns    X   C1/C2
Byron's Norn Collection    X   C1


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
C2 @doption Center    X   C2
* Caisleáin Uaine *    X    X C2/C3
Callie's Creatures    X    X C1
camy's crazy Norn planet    X    X C2/C3
Catz Ultimate Creatures Site    X    X C1/C2/C3/CA
Celeste’s Creatures2 Network    X    X C2
Chloe's Creatures 2 Page    X    X C2
* Clan of the Cavenorn *    X    X C2/C3
Cologne Creatures (German)       C1/C2
Crazy For Creatures    X    X C1
Creature Crazy    X    X C1
* Creature Italiane * (Italian/English)    X    X C1/C2/C3
Creature Kingdoms      X C2
Creature Mania    X    C1
Creature Town    X    X C1
Creature Valley    X   C1
Creatures123      C1/C2/C3
Creatures 2    X    X C2
Creatures 3 Warehouse    X    X C3
Creatures...A World In It's Own    X    X C1
Creatures Against Norn Abuse     C1/C2
Creatures Casa    X   C3
* Creatures Caves *    X    X C1/C2/C3
Creatures Central    X    X C1
Creatures Corral, The    X     C2
Creatures Country    X   C1
Creatures Cove, The    X    X C1/C2
* Creatures Developer Resource, The *    X   C1/C2/CA
Creatures Exchange, The      C1/C2
Creatures Forest    X   C1/C2/C3
Creatures Galaxy, The    X    C2
* Creatures Genetics Research Laboratory, The * (French)    X    X   C1 
* Creatures Graphics Storeroom, The *       N/A
Creatures Hideout    X   C1/C2
Creatures Honeypot, The    X    C1/C2/C3
* Creatures Jungle *    X    X C1/C2/C3
* Creatures Obsession *    X    X C2/C3/CA
* Creatures of Avalon, The (German) *    X    X C2
Creatures-R-Us    X    X C1
* Creatures Resource List *    X    X C2
* Creatures Unlimited * (German)    X    X C1/C2/C3/CA
Creatures World    X    X C1/C2/C3
Creaturesfarm (German)    X    X C1/C2/C3
Cumbus's Creatures    X    X C1


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
* D-Norn-A *    X    X C3
Dark Creatures Page, The    X   C1

Dave Chess's Creatures Pages

Declar's Dungeon    X   C1
Dennis homepage (Dutch?)    X    X C1
Descendants of Albia, The    X    X C1/C2/C3
Dive into Creatures    X    X C2
Divine Creatures    X    X C1
Dork Jr's Creatures    X    X C1/C2
Downtown Albia    X    X C1
Dutch Creatures 2 Site    X    X C2


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
Eem Stupid     C1


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
Faun's Creatures Page    X   C1
Feral Farms    X    X C1/C2
Feraland    X    X C3
* Fig's Tree *      X C1
Flarny's Creatures    X   C1
* Flib Dat! *    X    X C2
FloSite (French)    X    X C3
Freakish Norns    X    X C2
* Frimlin's Creatures *    X   C1
From Albia With Love    X    C2


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
Gaz's Creature Caves    X    X C1/C2/C3
Gooseberry Garden    X   C2
Grendel Overground      X C3
Grennorn's Hospital      X C1


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
H. Niessen's Creatures (German)    X    X C1/C2
* Hausmouse's Creatures 3 Page *      X C3
Heath's Creatures Corner    X    X C1/C2
Home of the Glowing Norn    X   C2


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
*Iggdrasil (Russian/English) *    X    X C2/C3/CA
Invader's Creatures Page    X    X C1


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
Jasu's Creatures 3 HQ (English/Suomi)      X C3
*JayD's Creatures Workshop*    X    X C2/C3
* Jewel's Creatures 3 (Home of the MaskNorn) *    X    X C3
* Jimbo's Creatures Page *    X    X C1/C2
JNN - C1 Norns for Adoption    X   C1


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
Karin’s Creatures 2 Page and Why Norns Rule!    X   C2
Katy's Creatures Page    X   C1


Site Title Norns COBs C1/C2/C3/CA
L's Creature Stuff    X    X C1/C2/C3
Land of Nornia    X    X C2
Lankan Albia    X    X C3
Larry's Cybernetic Albia    X   C2
Lemon's Norn Page    X    X C1/C3
* Library Albia *    X   C1
Lilith's Norncare Center    X    X C2

Sites M - Z


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