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April 11 2002
Hello! Welcome to the new look Creatures Corral!

Sam at 11:22:59 Tuesday December 4 2001
Merry Christmas!!! I hope you enjoy the site's seasonal look! Keep checking back to the site for new art & goodies. :)

Sam at 21:26:38 Thursday July 19 2001
Happy Birthday to the Creatures Corral!!! Yes, it's 3 years old today!!! :)

Sam at 12:23:30 Tuesday April 17 2001
New pic in the Fantasy section! As requested by Venom Death Angel in the guestbook - a Dragon Norn. (Hope you like it Venom!) The most popular request for a new breed so far seems to be the Winter Fairy Norn, so work will begin on this soon. However, if you'd like to request anything else then please do and I'll see what I can do! :)

Sam at 21:8:4 Thursday March 22 2001
I'm back home for 5 weeks and I need a new project... so I'm thinking of a new Norn breed. If you like any of the pics on my site and want to see them wandering around Albia, email me or leave a message in the guestbook to let me know. I'll probably do whatever gets requested.

Sam at 19:4:46 Wednesday December 20 2000
Happy Holidays!! I've given the site a little festive decoration, which I hope you enjoy as much as I do. I've added a zip file of SkeleNorns to the SkeleNorn page, so hopefully that will sort out the download problems. I'm back home for a few weeks so hopefully I'll work on some new stuff for the site. :)

Sam at 21:33:6 Saturday December 9 2000
Hi! This isn't news of an update, but I'm responding to a problem that several people seem to have been experiencing with not being able to download the SkeleNorns. I *will* get this sorted out, but I'm currently at uni and not able to access any of my files. This time next week though I will be home & everything should get fixed, so please be patient! Thanks. :)

Sam at 20:21:55 Friday October 6 2000
This is a farewell message to the wonderful Creatures communtiy... I'm going out into the big wide world of York University which means I won't be around any more. Don't panic though! My various websites will remain online and I *will* be back - I just don't know when. :( So good bye & happy Norning! -- Sam

Sam at 19:38:47 Wednesday September 27 2000
Just a little update today - a new page in the Projects section - Breed Ideas. This contains some nice pictures of my version of the C2 Purple Mountain Norn.

Sam at 18:48:18 Wednesday September 20 2000
Well, there's a whole new section - Projects - and its first contents are the wonderful SkeleNorns! They're my first C2 breed and they're quite fun, so download and enjoy!! :)

Sam at 18:13:27 Saturday September 16 2000
Ooh... I'm so excited - I just uploaded one of my favourite Norns so far - the Zebra Norn, in Safari. It looks so much better than I thought it would. :) Also up is a new Giraffe Norn and two new sections - Norns of my Mind in Safari and Competitions in Pastimes. Have fun!

Sam at 21:23:41 Monday August 21 2000
Well, the site 'finishing-off' process is under way, with the new buttons to increase the number of graphics to download. :) Also look for the 'SkeleNorn' in, guess where? That's right! The Hallowe'en section! :) It's not brilliant but made me smile. I'm trying to work on some more ambitious 'projects' at the moment. If the size of the download is anything to go by, they'll be pretty exciting!

Sam at 20:46:24 Wednesday July 5 2000
Nothing huge - just an addition to the Hallowe'en page - the Grim Reaper Norn. I had such fun with this one! :) Now I've finished school, look out for the completion of this site (hopefully)!

Sam at 19:32:11 Saturday May 27 2000
Hello to all my very many visitors (all 2!) . Not much to report this time, but the pixies & fairies page has been updated, with the addition of 'Flick', who is one of my favourite creations so far - I think she's gorgeous! :) Thankyou to all who've signed the guestbook - your kind comments and _constructive_ criticism are always appreciated.

Sam at 19:46:41 Monday April 17 2000
Uploaded some more stuff - new 'Holiday' section with not much yet, but more planned. Also, the postcards and Annie are back!! (in the Interactive section)

Sam at 19:58:31 Friday April 7 2000
If anyone's visiting the site (even though it's not officially open) - Hi!! Not much of the site is complete, so please don't moan at me & be patient! :)

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