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If you've not been able to find the graphics you want, or maybe you'd like to try making your own, this is a collection of links to lots of other useful resources.
If you have free downloadable graphics on your own site - please email me so that I can add your link to this page!

Other sites with free Creatures graphics:

Albian Graphix Express - a large collection of free buttons and images, plus copyright banners to place on your pages.
Bibble - contains a clipart section with buttons, bullet points and wonderful Norn pictures.
Norns Of Our Albia - has lots of animated graphics.
Creature Comforts - has several animated pictures for download.
Creatures Downunder - has a large selection of web graphics for download, with seasonal images available.

Resources for making your own graphics:

Nornpose and NornposeC2 - these programs allow you to create pictures of your Norns in any pose you like, using the image files from the game and saving them as bmps.
s16 viewer - you can use this program to view any of the s16 files in the \Creatures2\Images directory. Using the PrintScreen key, the images can then be pasted into any graphics program.