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* NEW Sections to the site
* More on the icq activelist for TPW!


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21/07/00 - New Sections
You may have noticed some new sections to this site - _yes_ I am actually in the process of updating! Soon, this site should be fully functioning and in the meantime you can help, if you so wish.
Do you have any hints and tips for TPW that you'd like to share? Or do you have a question/problem you need help with? Please send them in!
I'm also starting a new section where you can show off your skills at designing track rides (water rides are included) - so please send in any screenshots of your handiwork!
21/07/00 - Update on icq Activelist
The icq number for the TPW activelist has changed - it's now 73317833. Anyone interested in joining should email Su.
28/05/00 - New Rides To Download!
It's what we've all been waiting for and finally Bullfrog has released some new rides to download! Skip over to to get the patch which you need in order to put the new rides into your game. You'll find the full details there!
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