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This is a collection of all the old news that has been featured on the main page... take a little stroll into the past... :)

28/05/00 - icq Activelist For TPW Gamers!
Su has created an icq activelist for Theme Park World. This can be used for swapping tips, cheats, comments and getting to know other TPW fans! The list's name is Theme Park World and the icq number is 72936524. So don't delay, but get chatting!

28/05/00 - Aargh! It's alive!
After several months of gathering cobwebs, this site is attempting to make a comeback, especially as so many people have been visiting recently! Hello to all new visitors and any old ones who haven't found the exit yet. :) Anyway, if you have any news, information or suggestions, please email and let me know!

17/09/99 - Park Opens!
Welcome to a brand new Theme Park World site... this site aims to provide you with the latest info on the development of Bullfrog's exciting new game, Theme Park World. Later when the game has been released, this site will continue to grow with, hopefully, the addition of further news, and parks, etc for download!

17/09/99 - Interview With Producer, Jeff Gamon!
Visit the site to read the full interview, but here is an interesting extract regarding the TPW online community: ..."the idea is to build an entire online community where every player can publish their parks to via for the global #1 spot. We aim to give the community the tools to become self sustaining and self governing; chat, buddy paging, postcards, ride builders, etc." This definitley sounds exciting!

17/09/99 - Can't Wait For The Game? Get Screensavers!
Over at the wonderful official TPW site, you can currently download 7 screensavers! These each give a little sneak preview of the parks and rides, and are great fun to sit & watch for hours instead of working. ;) You can find them in the downloads section at